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Example 8, birds in the urban soundscape

By Erik Salomons

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Birds are an important element of the urban soundscape. Birds can be heard in particular in quiet areas.
The video below presents bird sounds recorded during an 8 hour bike tour in Amsterdam on a Sunday. You hear a selection of the 117 bird sounds detected during the tour.

Birds seem to like the two parks in the area (Rembrandtpark and Vondelpark) and also the residential area between the two parks. There were less birds in the busy canal area on this Sunday.

Video 1

Youtube video

It is interesting to note that Great tits (Parus major) sing at higher pitch in response to urban noise, so they are better able to hear each other. This has been shown in a scientific study, in which urban Great tits were compared with rural Great tits. See the BBC news item about this research.